About us

The sawmill in Zębowo is one of the largest in the Wielkopolska region.
Its operations began in 1992 with the manufacture of wooden palette elements. In the firm’s early years it employed several local workers along with the owner, Jerzy Nowak. By working and gradually investing in machinery, the plant’s owner increased its range of production, transforming a small timber works into a large sawmill.
In 1998 a drying chamber with a capacity of 250 m³ was built.
In 1999 a frame sawing facility was set up, with state-of-the-art equipment. In 2003 a finished products warehouse was brought into use.
In 2004 a specialist vehicle for transporting timber from forests was purchased, as well as a rail vehicle for handling timber in the yard. Moreover a completely new area of production was inaugurated. In order to increase the firm’s range of products, it was decided to begin the manufacture of drums for cables. First contacts were established with foreign partners to supply of industrial cable drums.
Subsequent years saw the building of a new drying complex with a capacity of 350 m³, and the purchase of further vehicles for transporting raw materials.
The firm’s presence ever year at timber industry machinery fairs encourages new investment in machinery, which leads to more efficient production and highest product quality.
We specialize in the manufacture of rafter framing, battens, counter battens, sawn timber for construction, joinery and furniture-making, treated and dried timber, and the manufacture of wooden drums, palettes, blocks and packaging elements tailored to customers’ needs.
We place particular emphasis on taking an individual approach to each customer, which enables us to satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations. The most important things for us are customer satisfaction resulting from professional service, and our offering the services that our customers need.
We thank all present and future customers of the Zębowo Sawmill for their trust and cooperation!!!


  • 14-01-2015